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What Clients Are Saying

Outstanding massage experience from Adam Gordon! He initially talked with me about my health issues and concerns and then explained his approach for the massage. He spent 2 hours doing bodywork and it was the best massage I have had in 10 years. He explained everything he was doing and also issues he was finding as he did the massage. I would definitely have a therapeutic massage from him again!

Lori C

✨🙏🏼🌿 I've been all over the map, literally and figuratively, looking for help for 20+ years - yesterday I found it. Thank you and bless you Adam for what you do. It's unreal that a cosmic gem like yourself is hiding in plain sight. I feel very grateful to be on the receiving end of all the time, work, and love I imagine you must have poured into this path of healing to be able to do what you do. Thank you deeply.

Julian R

The phrase “massage therapy” does not do justice to the sessions I have had with Adam Gordon. These are like no other massage that I have ever had — he’s the MUSCLE WHISPERER. I swear, he’s somehow communicating with my body in a way that I’ve never experienced with any other massage therapist.

Annette C.

First off, I have to express my gratitude to Adam for making what could have been a difficult transition so easy.
I was still mourning the fact that my long-time massage therapist of 16 years left the state, I didn’t think anyone could replace him.
My concerns were immediately put aside by how talented and experienced Adam is - he was (and continues to be) so intuitive about what I need - and my pain can be challenging to figure out.
I highly recommend his skills, especially for those that have complex pain issues. He’s really helped get me back on track. Thank you Adam!!

Blythe C

I found Adam while researching massage therapists for my husband, who has been wheelchair-bound since early in the Covid pandemic. Adam has worked with him about once a week for almost three months now, ninety minutes at at time, and my husband feels much better. Visiting family have also noticed his energy is much improved. Adam has also helped me research better equipment solutions to improve posture and reduce headaches, due to how my husband sits in the chair and due to the underlying condition of cervical compression that caused him to lose much of his mobility in the first place. Adam knows his stuff!

Richard L

what touched me most (pun intended) about Adam's approach was his attentiveness. He stayed, diligently releasing layer after layer in the muscle groups that head spasmed.

It was such a relief to get off the table and feel greater mobility in my hip than earlier that day

he's mobile. He came to my house… and this man is polite, he's nice, and he's kind. I highly recommend him

Sergio L

I know when I see Adam that i am going to get REAL relief. For the past few weeks one of my arms and hand has been feeling numb and heavy and in alot of pain. I was pretty sure a nerve was being pinched. Adam found and released the impingement after other bodyworkers failed to. His work was deep – as i wanted – but very conscious and he remains present and appropriately checks in. I left feeling SOO much better. My arm feels ‘alive’ again. I would recommend Adam to anyone who is experiencing body pain.

Amy K.

I came in with severe neck and shoulder pain that prevented me from being able to work. I needed a same day appt. Adam got me in and worked on my neck back and shoulder for an hour. Today my neck feels a great deal better. He was professional and focused and seemed genuinely invested in my feeling better. He recommended stretches that would help alleviate stiffness in the effected areas. I am feeling well enough to go to work today and for that I am very thankful.

Ben V.

I had a very good experience. My legs feel looser today. I would love to come back again. Thank you Adam!

Shirley B.

Adam continues to perform miracles!!!  I had planned to see Adam tomorrow for a regularly scheduled massage. But I recently had a major sciatica attack again Sunday which gradually got worse into Monday. My chiro helped with some of the relief Monday evening, but I was still in considerable amount of pain and couldn’t continue my early morning skating lessons. BIG figure skating competition in a week (that I’ve been preparing 7-8 months for) and here I am worrying whether or not I was even gonna be able to skate. I moved up my session with Adam to yesterday since I was in considerable pain to not be focused on my job!</p><p>When I got on the massage table, it was with a lot of strain on my left hip. After Adam worked on it, the pain is GONE and I’ve regained mobility on that left side!!! I also had issues with my IT band on my left knee. It was considerably BETTER than when I walked into his office. Of course, I am still being careful not to undo the work that Adam has done on me for the next couple of days and I have him on speed dial if things get bad again. But I’m a LOT LESS worried about NOT making it to Salt Lake City to do battle on the ice!!!

Joanna R.

I'm a professional dancer and dance teacher, so the body work I need is not just about relaxation, it’s about repair, rejuvenation and longevity. I have a different ache or issue every time I see Adam, and each time I get a custom massage for my needs. Most importantly, I feel better when I leave. I cannot recommend him enough for people who need real body work, not just a simple little back rub.

Jenni U.

I have been to Adam six times now and it just keeps getting better. Not only is it the best massage I have ever received, but Adam is one of the easiest people to be around. He is extremely professional yet very warm and kind (and funny). The massage is well priced and I always leave very happy (and relaxed, and invigorated). I have started giving 1 1/2 hour sessions with Adam as gifts to friends and family and I will keep going as long as I can.

Temojai I.

I finally made it in to see Adam.  I had extremely high expectations as we both graduated from the same school of massage and was not disappointed.  He used great pressure and I especially appreciated his focus on my indicated “problem area”.  The change in the tissue is nothing short of amazing.   I highly recommend him.

Cristina S.

I get a lot of body work, and I would have to say that Adam’s technical skills are some of the best I have had in SF. I am sure it is due to his 1200 hours + of training at one of the top schools on the east coast (if you are a massage therapist, you will appreciate this). He has a great sense of touch, and is able to use very deep pressure. He did fantastic neck work, was able to really stretch out my whole body and I felt great after wards. I also like that he is really good at communicating and has a desire to meet client requests.

London E.

Adam worked on a very strong muscle spasm in my foot during our first meeting, when I could barely walk without significant pain. Immediately upon beginning to work, the muscle relaxed, and when he found the source of the pain, he expertly worked on it for no more than 10 minutes and there was total relief. He is a complete professional, and i was so lucky to have met him when I did. If I lived in SF this would be a weekly healing visit for me!

Elena B.

Adam is hands-down the best massage therapist in the city. I’ve tried numerous therapists (back and shoulder knots and tightness from computer use), and no one has the professionalism and skill that Adam possesses. He seems to know exactly where your problem/pain originates from and fixes it. I don’t know how he does it, but compared with many of the other therapists I’ve tried (sports massage, thai massage, deep tissue), he is by far and away the best at what he does.

Michael Q.

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